Welcome to the PowerUp Tribe

The ultimate destination for connecting, inspiring and showcasing women in Customer Success.

Our Mission

Women in Customer Success is on a mission to EMPOWER women to THRIVE in their careers through MENTORSHIP, ENABLEMENT, and SHARING INSPIRING EXPERIENCES while providing INCREASED VISIBILITY on social media and beyond.


At our core, we believe in the power of connection, engagement, and peer learning. This is your new professional tribe: your sounding board.

Who are the Women in Customer Success that you'll find here? 

  • Women who LEARN
  • Women who CHALLENGE
  • Women who SUPPORT
  • Women who BELONG
  • Women who TEACH
  • Women who MENTOR
  • Women who INSPIRE
  • Women from all the BACKGROUNDS
  • Women at ANY LEVEL of their career
  • Women who make an IMPACT
  • Women who DESIGN new INDUSTRY TRENDS (not just follow them!)

So, lovely ladies - connect, attend events, engage in conversation, socialise, and grab coffees together.....

The sky is your limit when you have your tribe.

What you'll get with the PowerUp Tribe

🔷 Global Network

A global network of Customer Success professionals in tech - so you can stay up to date with industry trends and best practice examples from key experts.

🔷 Enablement

Dedicated masterclasses, coaching and enablement sessions to increase your business acumen and become more commercially minded in your practice - so you can increase revenue, reputation and customer outcomes.

🔷 Mentoring

Develop leadership skills, build a personal brand, and career direction with expert guidance.

🔷 Speaking

Speaking and thought leadership collaboration opportunities so you can become more visible in your company/industry - attract promotions and stimulating career opportunities, and ultimately, impact more people.

🔷 PowerUp Connect

PowerUp Connect so you can always have access to your sounding board, get advice, share resources and collaborate.

🔷 Content Themes

Monthly themes so you can get content inspiration, focused Connect sessions and get online engagement.

About the Host and WiCS

Hey, I'm Marija Skobe-Pilley!

Founder, Women in Customer Success (WiCS) | Podcaster 🎤 | Customer Success Strategist

I truly believe everyone deserves a career that empowers them to inspire, lead, and infuse success into every aspect of their lives.

Entering the world of Customer Success from music, I always felt a need to 'compensate' for an 'untraditional' background. I've done it by soaking up every certification, learning, and mentoring I could. Just to learn more and become the best in class. After being promoted in every company I've worked for, I established myself as a leader and achieved many personal career goals. 

Why I created Women in Customer Success?

It started as a podcast - seeing many 'manels' (men on panels!), staggering data on gender inequality in CS leadership positions, and realising that women need more role models to climb the ladder, I started Women in Customer Success Podcast to feature remarkable women in the industry, their career paths and lessons learnt, so other women could be inspired and take actions to create more impact in their careers. 

As the Podcast gained more traction, it naturally fueled a community of women and supporters who wanted to express their thoughts on topics we were covering, support the movement and get involved.

That's how the WiCS PowerUp started - initially as a mentoring program and now as a career hub that provides all-year mentoring, masterclasses, global network, speaking opportunities and community connect calls. 

Will you join the movement?                                                           

I'm thrilled to have you join me on this journey. Let's live a life by design, not by others’ expectations. That's my career mantra.


How is PowerUp Tribe different? 

We focus on enablement and coaching. PowerUp Tribe is a dedicated space for women to find a sounding board, enablement and support in their career journeys. This includes opportunities for group and cohort-based coaching and courses, regular PowerUp Connect - think of it as group coaching sessions, learning from other women’s experiences and receiving advice on your questions and situations.

What is the recommended time commitment?

It is your personal choice how much time you want to invest in networking, enabling and connecting with the global network of like-minded women. It’s well known that, what you put in a relationship of any kind, that’s what you will take out as a result. No judgement on participation, however :). Everyone is welcome and we would encourage engagement and participation as that would get you the desired results in your career.